Thursday, 27 December 2012

Golden Pint 2012

Mark Dredge and beer reviews Andy are again organising the golden pint awards. I am new to the whole beer thing so this is going to be spectacularly hard because most of the beers I have drunk and the experiences I have had have been new and exciting, and picking the best is going to be hard. Next year......that'll be easy I'll be a hardened drinker cynical of my likes and dislikes. Right?
Mr Ticker will also be giving his opinions.

Best UK draught beer
PT The Kernel double S.C.C.A.N.S IIPA
MT Magic Rock bourbon barrelled bearded lady

Best UK bottled or canned beer
PT The Kernel India pale ale Stella
MT The Kernel India pale ale citra

Best overseas draught beer
PT De Garre triple
MT De Garre triple

Best overseas bottled or canned beer
PT Einstock toasted porter
MT Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin single hop

Best overall beer
PT Hawkshead brewery Windermere pale
MT Thornbridge Jaipur

Best pumpclip or label
PT Mikkeller single hop series/10 hop/19 hop. I liked the single colour for the single hops and then the rainbow esque labels for the other two.
MT Anything by Redwillow.

Best UK brewery
PT So so so many but, partly due to the beer hall and experiences within and an always dependable and never bad beer Hawkshead brewery
MT Magic Rock

Best overseas brewery
PT Westvleteren
MT Mikkeller

Pub/Bar of the year
PT De Garre, Bruges
MT The Sparrow, Bradford

Beer festival of the year
PT Coopers beer festival
MT Coopers beer festival

Supermarket of the year
PT Booths
MT Booths

Independent retailer of the year
PT Beer ritz
MT Beer ritz

Online retailer of the year
Our Independent retailer of the year is so good and so close it negated the need for an online beer order this year.

Best beer book or magazine
Haven't read any, hopefully in 2013!

Best beer blog or website
PT The session in general

Best beer twitterer
PT @Bradfordbeer
MT @brouwervanklomp although he probably doesn't want the accolade!

Best online brewery presence
PT The Kernel for this piece of brilliance, using the internet for entirely benevolent purposes!
MT Brewdog

Food and beer pairing of the year
PT Brewdog evening at Coopers Guiseley. A bit before the blog started but only just and it was this year!
MT De Garre triple and those tiny chunks of cheese they serve it with.

In 2013 I'd most like to...
PT complete my beer ticking challenge.
MT carry on encouraging pintsizedticker to buy and drink great beer.

Best beer drinking companion (and beneficiary)
Mr Ticker Snr, for buying a few eye wateringly expensive bottles of beer, sharing our journey with us and taking us to France, giving us an excuse to take him to Westvleteren

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