Friday, 14 December 2012

Street food + beer=happiness

December 14th, a rare night off for both of us, at a time where everything seems very busy and cram packed with Christmas plans. We don't often get out on an evening, preferring a few beers in the afternoon, or evening beer drinking at home instead.... Old fogies in our late twenties, doesn't bode well for twenty years time!

We visited the Sparrow, I've blogged before how much I like it there. It's the first time I've been there on a Friday night, and it was a lot busier than it usually is when I go, prompting me and Mr Ticker to find a quiet corner to hibernate in.

The Sparrow have begun street food Friday where different foodie vans park up outside and serve up their grub. Tonight was El Topo (@ElTopoUK) which served burritos, tamales and quesadillas. We piped for a couple of burritos and a tamale to share, and were treated to a beautifully cooked, deliciously flavoured tea. Perfect with beer, perfect for an evening at the pub.

169: Earl Grey IPA, Marble Brewery, 6%
Smells delicate, but full of flavour. Tastes sweet, with a hint of bitterness after the first mouthful. It tastes pretty. I think that is the best phrase to use. Not brash and in your face, but pleasant, with depth and easy to drink. A lovely treat after some recent abstention from beer.

170: Winter Ale, De Koninck, 6.5%
I ordered this via Mr Ticker based purely on the name. I have to admit I was hoping for a stout, a rich heavy dark beer for a freezing winters night. Wasn't as I was hoping, but was still nice. My now familiar "red" flavour was predominant, and it was a nice enough beer. Perhaps a recent cold had squished my taste buds a bit, because Mr Ticker thought this tasted peppery... Couldn't taste this myself though.

Sorry for the poor photographs  I'm not going to take the big camera out on a Friday night. A shortish quiet evening, but a lovely venture out on a Friday night, thanks again Sparrow!

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