Monday, 21 January 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Mr Ticker was working Christmas Day, so we had a treat night together o Christmas Eve. Home made chicken liver pâté, a couple of steaks and Christmas pudding... Hohoho! Of course, such celebrating could not take place without a couple of beers to accompany the evening... So...

171: White Stout, Durham Brewery, 7.2%
Surprisingly sweet although Mr Ticker says stouts are supposed to be but are usually counteracted by a bitterness. Not much of a bitterness... More of a tang. A not sure if this is a different kind of bitterness or if it is from the carbonation. Mr Ticker wonders if this is because its an older bottle we have had in the cupboard for about six months.

172: Merry Xmoose, Purple Moose, 5%
Dark colour but not stoutish. Expected colour from a Christmas beer, that of a Christmas pudding, but not opaque. Smells slightly sweet, portesque. Tastes full of flavour, sweet yet bitter, but not hoppy bitter... Really nice. I usually prefer my dark beers thick and cloyey, and this is not that, but having said that, it is a really good bottle!

Accompanied by Stilton and port flavour crisps!

173: Hoppy Lovin' Christmas, Mikkeller, 7.8%

Smells sweet and spicy. Light in colour. Thick. So so thick. Despite the pale(ish) colour. Hint of spice. Orange. Just a hint mind. Heavy bitterness. As usual gorgeous beer from Mikkeller.

174: Viven Ale, Brouwerij van Viven, 5%
Smells delicate. Pale. Tastes more malty and less hoppy by a long shot from the Mikkeller although its meant to be hoppy for the tourists, or so we were told. Nice. Spicy. Belgian. Still unsold on Belgian on the whole.

175: Viven Blonde, Brouwerij van Viven, 6.8%
Not a Wheat beer. Tastes it and smells it however... Maybe the choice of yeast. Nice enough but not my fave.

176: Taras Boulba, Brasserie de la Senne, 4.5%
So I've had a starter. And I'm full up. And there's still two courses of Christmas Eve spectacular food to go. And I'm a bit sloshed. As is the usual for me on Christmas Eve. But with that ever familiar voice over my shoulder reminding me not to overdo it and spoil the day tomorrow...
So this smells exactly like the Viven blonde. And tastes almost identical. Except perhaps a tidge more bitter. Please, those of you who have infinite more beery expertise than me, bear in mind my inebriated state... But that's it really. Almost identical.

Happy (über belated) Christmas!


  1. I can't remember saying that about sweetness and stouts, there may have been a misunderstanding! A whole month and many beers have been consumed since then. I shall try to be more clear!

  2. There's some sense in the idea that, without roasted malts, which bring their own bitterness of a different kind to that from hops, a stout might appear sweeter, i.e. the balance will change.

  3. There you go... I love stouts... I like it when there's a hint if sweetness, as long as it has bitterness to cut through it or a big meaty flavour to back it up. Yum. iChat try and fish one out to stave off this cold weather!