Saturday, 22 September 2012

La France Part 2: Je n'aime pas...

151: Biere Artisanale Triple sur Lie Silviacus, Brassee a Samer, 7.5%
Still got that bananaish tinge but a little less artificial than other ones we have bought of the region. Not my thing, again, but palatable.

152: Biere Artisanale Ambree sur Lie Dilvacus, Brassee a Samer, 7.3%
Mr Ticker and Mr Ticker Snr finished their previous beer before me, and moved onto this beer. Their faces said it all. With intrepidation, I took a sip. It was pretty minging to be honest. And not in a way that is just because it isn't to my tastes, it just tasted wrong, like the sugars hadn't fermented out properly. Just bluergh.

153: Leffe Royale, Abbaye de Leffe, 7.5%
A posh Leffe. Not as posh as might have hoped for, but a nice easy drinking beer. Good with some dins too... a bit of a veg stew, with all veggies from the field just across the way... delish.

Bier de Garde is the beer style of the region and over the course of the holiday I sampled quite a few, although I'm not ticking any more than these as I only had sips here and there. Really not my thing, the over sweet, almost artificially banana flavours. Instead, I opted for the odd glass of vin rouge... something I've missed having since beerticking started, and I really enjoyed! Not very conducive to writing a beer blog though...

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