Friday, 21 September 2012

La France Part 1

Tea on the first day of family hols, a warm, but not too hot day, filled with a little fraughtness and lots of excitement, ferry rides, sea dips and new village finding.

Tea, pasta, French saussison, tomato sauce and Gouda along with some crusty baguette and that awesome salt crystal butter. A pretty rare treat for the house of dietism, as ours has been latley. With it, the first beer of the trip. A pretty cheap and cheerful supermarket mass produced:

149: "33" export, Mare et Terre, 4.5%,
A light refreshing lager-y small stubby. A perfect refreshing drink.

150: La Goudale, Biere de Garde, Gebrouwen door, 7.2% (€4 approx for 3 75cl bottles) was a farmhouse style beer, and a much more local offering. Not really to my tastes to be perfectly honest. I've found wheat beery/banana-y type beers growing on me, but this one was too sweet I think. Maybe would have been better colder...

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