Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sup Saison

Better late than never!
@leedsbrew kindly hosted a lovely evening for #supsaison, where a variety of home brews and bottles beers were sampled. There were a few sours in the pipeline, which I hadn't chosen, but willing to give it a go again!

154: Saison de Dottignies, Brouwerij De Ranke, 5.5%
It smells bitter, initial taste of hazelnut in the bitterness. Nice, really nice, not what I would think to be saison-y.

155: Fantome Saison, Brasserie Fantome, 8%
Another sour beer, a sour saison, so approached with intrepidation. Smells sweet, sweet like some fruity sweeties I used to get as a kid. Smells like dried apples, but moist, (@leedsbrew says this is acetealdehyde!) and led to more positive feelings about it!  Tastes like bum to be frank. Grows a bit better as drank it, but pretty awful. I was definitely outnumbered, as for others it was one of the highlights of the evening.

156: Avec les Bons Voeux, Brasserie Dupont, 9.5%
Smells sour, very pale for 9.5%, I didn't think it tasted sour and that it held well for 9.5%. Surprisingly nice.

157: Saison Special 2011, Marble, 9%
There was a bit of controversy around this beer, having seen several twitter comments under #supsaison, opinion was divided and some people thought there was a problem with the beer. It was a pricey bottle of beer, so we hoped for good things but were wary of popular thought. Opinion around the table was also divided. I liked it. Not the best beer I've ever had but I enjoyed it. Others actively found it unpleasant.

158: Saison de la Maison, The Willow Shed (Homebrewed by @leedsbrew), 6.1%
We drunk this side by side with Saison Dupont (which I have previously ticked), and it was fantastic. There were some differences, but there were a lot of similarities too. Thanks for sharing your delicious homebrew!

159: Pacific Saison Thyme, The Willow Shed (Homebrewed by @leedsbrew and me!!), 6.3%
Following brewday a few weeks prior, we got to sample the results. A really delicious flavoursome saison. We could really taste the wild Thyme flower honey that was added into the mix, but without it being overpowering. It accented the beer/herbyness. Was really yum, and another favourite of the night. Fantastic to try a beer that I was able to help make!

I think my palate may be lacking in sophistication... but I'm quite happy liking what I like, and will keep trying incase things grow on me.

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