Friday, 3 August 2012

The Session 66: The One Beer to Rule Them All

A difficult topic from drinkdrank for a non brewer let alone a newbie beer drinker. My brewing experience (pouring a tub of hops into the big silver boily thing) probably doesn't qualify... Also, I've tried relatively few beers (not doing bad for a few months, but still, haven't even begun to scratch the surface) so my favourites have been borne of a small sample. So far on my beerticking journey, my favourite types of beer are IPAs and porters or stouts. Anyhow, I've thought about the subject... My perfect dream beer:

Imagine a screwball ice cream. Or a everlasting gobstopper. Or half and half pizza. Or sweet and sour chicken. Or chocolate covered pretzels.

All of the above combine two scrummy things in one. My idea is that of the impossible. A Willywonka-style beer creation. Beers have such vastly different characteristics that makes comparisons impossible and unfair between styles.

So to, my genius idea. A two tone beer. IPA on the top. Porter on the bottom. Defined layers, like a traffic light lolly or an old school cornish pasty. Two things in one. To satisfy both my favourite types of beer and tastes. A bitter flavoursome fruity top, followed by a dessert of rich, coffee smoothness.

Alchemy impossible, perhaps, entering the realms of fantasy, definitely but it'd be pretty ace. And the name... Doubale Troubale.


  1. Evil Twin has done this with ying and yang, imperial stout and imperial ipa in separate bottles, designed to be poured into a glass and enjoyed as a "black and tan" I'm sure it would work with porter and ipa too

  2. I was just about to say that Steve, both great beers in their own right too.


  3. Yours is the first reasonable wish I've read so far.

    I'm not sure if you get any Dogfish Head over there, but their 90 Minute and their Chicory Stout served up Black & Tan style is pretty damn good. They serve it at their brewpubs, although I'm sure it could be replicated with a couple bottles. I have heard of people doing it with their 120 minute and World Wide Stout...but that sounds a little crazy (and expensive) to me.