Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Beers

What does "Summer Beer" mean? Is it a style or just subjective opinions of what different breweries think is a good tipple for a hot summers day? My thoughts were hoping for light and refreshing but also maybe lemon/herb flavours and not too strong.

Three beers, specially denoting "Summer" on their label...

To set the scene, a few weeks were spent waiting for a perfect summer day to crack these open. After being in the fridge for about a month, however, the wait seemed futile. So, a typical British summer evening, when we'd had the hottest weather for a few weeks, but conversely had torrential downpours and that muggy pre thunderstorm atmosphere, ended up being the scene for the experiment. Typically missing the actually good weather that's has been happening this week.

139: Anchor Summer Beer, Anchor Brewing Company, 4.5%
Smell malty. Slight sweetness. Pale colour. Tastes malty. Lager like. Dry. Does what it says on the tin. Quite carbonated. Meets my brief. Perfect BBQ beer. Not a deep thinker but fits requirement. Lightish. Refreshing yes.

140: Summertime Kölsch, Goose Island Beer Company, 4.7%
Smells slightly sweet but not particularly of much. Slight cloudiness. It wasn't served it in the correct glass (according to the bottle, but I have no idea what a Kölsch glass is). Tastes slightly wheat beery and lagery. Not a load of flavour, and not robust. Refreshing still though. Light.

141: Summer Ale, Brooklyn Brewery, 5%
Smells more malty. More golden in colour. Tastes more hoppy. Overall has more flavour than the other summer beers Very very refreshing. Despite this, initially my impression was that it is not really for me. Although I enjoyed it more the more I drank. Just my taste though I think. Slight salty bacon flavour. Fits the bill. Is summery but I prefer the Anchor.

None quite met my expectations (perhaps unfounded and presumptuous)... i.e lemony herby flavours.... But all were certainly refreshing and very drinkable on a hot summers day with a BBQ. Sort of like lagers with a hint of something special. Just need to wait for a hot summers day to come around and will buy some more!

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