Friday, 13 July 2012

Idea for A Newbie

This weekend Mr Ticker and I are introducing my non-beer drinking sister to some beers in an experiment combined with a valiant effort to convert another to the cause.

Any ideas for beers to start with?

Do we go soft or jump straight in with big hoppy players?



  1. I'd go soft. Something with lots of taste and aroma but without ripping the throat out & putting her off forever.

    I suppose it depends on what she drinks now & where you are going to get the beer from.

    For a great introduction into a quality IPA, I reckon go for a bottle of Goose Island IPA, ticks all the boxes above.

    If she's a lager/cider girl why not go for something like a nice Saison, not a hop bomb but probably a nice change on what she's had before?

    Like I said, tough call without knowing what she likes & where you are going to try to do the converting

    Hope that helps

  2. It all depends, does she already drink/like lager or standard bitter? I think that some of the best beers to introduce people to beer are some of the tamer ones (by my standards at least). I think Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is the benchmark beer for getting people started in modern craft beer, as is Brooklyn lager and I'll second Phil in saying Goose Island IPA.

    However I think that british beers like St. Austell Tribute and Thornbridge Jaipur would also be worth trying!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, duly noted for when shopping tomorrow! Will write up a post experiment post!