Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Heart Coopers

Coopers is my favourite pub. Be prepared for a bit of soppiness... my first date with Mr T ended up in Coopers, we have spent several birthdays, celebrated our engagement and we are hoping for our "last night night of freedom" before our wedding celebrations, to take place there. The building is an old Co-op. A really old Co-op. There are still the tiles from the butchers stand on the walls. The decor is warming. The food is delicious, and reliable and reasonably priced. There are always great staff working. Unfortunately, we don't visit as often as we would like. We are now a 30 minute walk and two buses away. Or a bus and two trains. Or £30 round-trip taxi. Still, when we can, we try and get over there.

Last week when Mr T was feeling overtly generous, he offered to drive to Guiseley for a post-work drink (for me!). So, I was able to tick a couple of new beers.

116: Raging Bitch, Flying Dog Brewery, 8.3%
An IPA. Beautiful smell and some punchy orangey and apricot flavours, really really delicious. Very moreish. If only we weren't visiting briefly!

117: Wild Mule, Roosters, 3.9%
Perhaps should have started with this first, an American Pale Ale. Nice enough, a bit earthy in flavour. Definitely overpowered by the awesomeness of Raging Bitch. Great glass though!

Coopers have got some very cool stuff planned for the summer. They have already hosted Guiseley Beer Festival. There is #fathomlessday on 21st July, with some cracking beers from Magic Rock (cannonball and curious), Summer Wine, Ilkley Brewery (The Chief), Roosters (collaboration with Odell the Accomplice) and Red Willow (fathomless apparently is an Oyster Stout and has been brewed with 300 real oysters...!), plus more events in the pipeline. Hope to see you there!

You can follow @CoopersGuiseley on twitter.

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