Friday, 2 November 2012

Tasting The Booty... Belgian and French Style

Have continued to be quiet on the beer front over the last few weeks... dieting for wedding dress fittings has taken priority (not done too badly if I might say so myself!). A couple of the bottles, however, have been sampled over the past few weeks.

160: Motuecha, Struise, 5%
Have had this hop before (spelt differently however!) and found it very punchy. This was a single hopped Belgian pale ale. I'm guessing that in this style, the hop was used in a very different way, or in different quantities to other styles I've tried this hop in as it certainly wasn't punchy. Smooth to drink, lightly carbonated. Flavour-wise I found that the hops were hard to distinguish. Mr Ticker suggested this might be due to the yeast flavours. It wasn't what I expected from a single hop beer, but I think I was making assumptions about IPA rather than thinking about Belgian style beers. My verdict, OK, but not awesome, but that is probably my own fault.

161: Faro Lambic, Foudroyante, 4.5%
Smells sours, like I'm not going to enjoy it. Shouldn't prejudge, and trying to sample it with an open mind. Tastes slightly appley, caramelly, cinnamony. Slightly sour taste, tastes ok. Not my favourite, but ok.


  1. The Faro is a Lambic sweetened with candy sugar, so it's not to harsh if you don't like sours, I thought it was ok too, I liked it but not massively

  2. Thanks for the info Filrd. I got a marriage parfait in the fridge waiting then that's it for Belgian sours.