Friday, 9 November 2012

Beer Drinking Diet Style

So, a brief return to beer with a vengeance. A long walk from our house all the way to The Sparrow justified a couple of beers (well three) and they certainly felt well deserved. As was out with friends, please excuse the brief descriptions!

162: Drink in the Sun, Mikkeller, 3.9%
Pale in colour. Bitter. Very bitter for low strength beer. Smells a bit fruity. Nicely and carbonated. Grapefruit bitterness. Lovely. Much better than yesterday's.

163: High Wire NZ, Magic Rock, 5.5%
Smells slightly floraly sweet. On cask not carbonated. Smooth. Slight bitterness. Can really smell the hops. Ever so slight farmyard hint.

164: Pearl Necklace, Flying Dog, 5.5%
Very dark colour. Slight smokey rich coffee bitterness. Delicious. My perfect kind of beer. Something I've been missing for ages!!

I have missed having beer, which just goes to show how much of a beer geek I've become. At approx 394 calories for three halfs... the walk into Bradford didn't even come close to burning that off, and meant an early morning trip to Bolton Abbey the next day! Am glad I managed to have a few beers, and that I managed to compensate for them so I didn't spoil my hard work... just wish beer was less sinful!

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