Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Food Pairing Adventure

My first experience with beer and food pairing came with a BrewDog evening at Coopers, Guiseley earlier in the year, way before blogging began. It was a revelation. Every beer went perfectly with the food, and added something to it, and the food added something to the beer. Another dimension. However. Every beer that I've tried since beginning blogging has been drunk solo (with the exception of Cobra, which I ate alongside a curry). There may have been the odd crisp, or square of cheese munched down in between beers, but I've generally stuck to drinking beer post-eating.

Until last night. It was more of an accident than anything else, which perhaps shouldn't be the way to do it. Dinner was smoked salmon linguine, with capers and dill, courtesy of Mr. Ticker. And the beer...

85: Motueka, Mallinsons, 4.2%
A single hopped ale. Tropical fruit aromas, as would expect. Really hoppy, but not too heavy, or too bitter. Drinkable, tasty beer.

As for paring with food... tropical fruit and salmon might not have been the best match in the world, but having said that, the beer cut through the oily salmon and cleansed the palate. It worked pretty well. Next time, will try and do some research beforehand. As if learning about beer wasn't enough... now I appear to be venturing into food pairing... uhoh....

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