Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baildon Beer Festival and Beyond

Spent last night at Baildon Beer Festival at the Cricket Club. Between myself, Mr T and Mr T Sr, we sampled the whole menu. There were a couple that genuinely smelt of pig muck, one that had a hint of cigarette ash. But on the whole they had a selection of really really good beers. Came home and drank some bottles afterwards. Consequently, inebriation ensued and a haze has clouded the night, so what follows is a pictureless concise post.

74: Bitter Californian, Bristol Beer Factory, 4.5%
Not as bitter as expected, but a nice beer, especially to start.

75: Revelation, Dark Star, 5.7%
Possibly best of the festival. Hoppy, light, tasty, delicious.

76: Black Rye, Saltaire Brewery, 4.4%
Never had a rye beer, dark, but without being heavy. Hints of typical dark beer flavours, but also a bit hoppy.

77: 1872 Porter, Elland Brewery, 6.5%
Porters are my favourite. For today. Yum.

78: Stouterspace, Foxfield, 5%
Forgotten... not particularly special.

79: Jaipur, Thornbridge, 5.9%
Expected this to be good, it was. Hoppy, full of flavour. Delicious.

80: High Wire, Magic Rock, 5.5%
Have already had this beer in my ticking challenge, but had it in a bottle not on keg. Bottle may have been better due to this being served without carbonation as beer festival style, but still really good.

Got a taxi home.

81: Bohemia Regent, Regent Brewery, 4.4%
Dark lager, new style for me. Was drinkable. Don't feel passionate about it.

82: Vitesse Noir, Hardknott, 11%

83: India Pale Ale Citra, The Kernel, 7.3%
Love IPA. Love Citra. Perfect.

84: India Pale Ale Stella, The Kernel, 7.5%

Bottles from The Kernel were replacement bottles, sent free of charge. Thanks Kernel.

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