Monday, 23 April 2012

My first AGM

A couple of years ago Mr T invited me to join a social club. We rarely visit, aside from the odd family party or game of snooker. Yesterday was the AGM, and all members are encouraged to attend. Normally, the suggestion of voluntarily attending a meeting, the main focus of which is finance, would leave me running for the hills. However, I had insider knowledge that I would get a free beer.

I couldn't pass up this opportunity so early on in my challenge. So, one hour of financial reports and matters arising later, I got my fifth tick.

5: Best Bitter, Theakston, 3.8%
Smooth. Not spectacular, not thought provoking like my first 4 ticks, also not nearly as bitter. But nice nonetheless.

So. What's better? A traditional pint of Best Bitter, or, IPAs with great depth of flavour? Right now I would say both absolutely have their place. I would have struggled to drink and appreciate anything other than a smooth, flat, soft and easy pint at 11am on a Sunday morning (not something I plan to make a habit of...!), and felt it fit for purpose perfectly.

So no answers there then.
On with the challenge.

330 beers.
334 days.

Wish me luck!

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