Friday, 15 February 2013

Ticking in 2012

I'm not going to meet my target. 335 beers in 335 days. From the start of the blog to my wedding day. At the moment I have 151 beers left to try and less than 36 days in which to drink them. Wedding planning is reaching a whole new level, dwindling funds are being directed towards name cards and glass hire.

But, the target is no longer the important thing. It began as a focus for the blog, and a way in which to structure an education into beer. My journey isn't finished. It won't be finished at the end of the 335 days. It will never be finished. That said, my knowledge has increased tenfold. To those who aren't in the know, I can impart a little wisdom, and to those who are, I can at least keep up with the conversation, even occasionally contribute. Mr Ticker and I share yet another interest, and that's incredibly valuable to me.

This week I watched Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight, and it was beer related, a battle between British and Belgian beers. During the show I got embarrassingly excited because I guessed beers that would come up before they mentioned them, and recognised bottles from a distance. All a bit sad pants, but I don't care, I had fun!

So, I may be on track to lose the challenge.... But winning comes in many different forms...

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