Sunday, 26 August 2012

Diet dilemma

Beer drinking has been fairly thin on the ground recently... hence a sad neglect of pintsizedticker blog. My blog was started with a challenge to drink one beer a day (on average) between it's inception and my wedding day. An opportunity to embrace one of my hubby to be's passions and a source of fun as well as distraction from impending nuptuals.

Unfortunately this is not conducive with a seemingly never ending quest to lose a few pounds to fit nicely into my wedding dress (a deadline of October has been introduced recently for dieting... Argh!). So beer has had to go on the back burner.

I'm still ahead of target beerwise, although not as comfortably as a few weeks ago. Next week we go to France for 10 days, and will be spending a night in Bruges as well, so in order to prepare, bank holiday seems like a good opportunity to put the diet on hold for one night and sample some Belgian beer. Have had a pre night off weigh in, will assess the damage in the morning!

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