Sunday, 1 July 2012

Olympic Torch

Last Sunday, the Olympic Torch passed through Bradford. Not being one to miss an opportunity to drink beer, it was the perfect excuse for an afternoon visit to The Sparrow, where as usual, there was loads of beers available, all new to me.

88: Feckless, Redwillow, 4.1%
An English Bitter. Lots of hazelnut flavours, and very drinkable.

89: A Face With No Name, Tempest Brewing Co., 6%
Smells and tastes like an orange calypso lolly, with a hint of breadiness. Packed full with intense flavours... so intense, it was verging on too much. Only verging mind, was really scrummy.

90: Summit Single Hop IPA, Mikkeller, 6.9%
One of several of this range that I've tried from Mikkeller, and not my favourite. They are all made to the same abv, but using different hops. I find this particularly interesting, as clearly this shows that I prefer other hop varieties. Saying this, it wasn't unpleasant, still a very drinkable IPA.

91: Hop Wallop, Victory Brewing Company, 8.5%
This beer is offered as an "homage" to the fresh hop harvest... not quite sure what that is meant to mean. Was nice enough, not overtly remarkable.

92: Alice Porter, BrewDog, 6.2%
Now, I love a porter. I have tried this beer before, and will again. Burnt sugar, molasses flavours... yummy.

93: Saison Dupont, Brasserie Dupont, 6.5%
I've tried this beer in the past, but from a bottle. I was slightly underwhelmed On keg, however, it was much nicer. All banana-y, champagne. Lovely. A refreshing celebratory beer.

We snuck out of The Sparrow for 10 minutes and saw the flame... a perfect way to enjoy the event! I'm sure everyone has seen pictures up to the eyeballs, but whilst I was going to refrain from posting any, I had to share this picture of some poor bloke getting taken out by security when he chose to cross the road at the wrong time!

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