Thursday, 26 July 2012


Having read a few tweets about Cornish beers, and never having sampled them, I picked up four bottles for £5.50 (in keeping with the current goal of thriftyness) from the local supermarket. In hindsight, the "theme" for the beer tonight was a bit weak... clutching at straws perhaps to tie some beers together. In future, a location based theme will involve more variety of style, and perhaps indeed a visit to the place!

125: Cornish Knocker Ale, Skinners Brewing Co., 4.5%
Light, refreshing, slight citrusy smell. Tastes refreshing, and slightly malty. Not huge flavours, but very drinkable.

126: Tribute Premium Cornish Ale, St. Austell Brewery, 4.2%
Hints of caramel. Tastes of Red. Quite a few beers I've had taste of Red. Describing a taste as a colour is vastly unhelpful when trying to explain to others, but that is what I tasted Red. Perhaps this could be broken down into describing it as malty sweet bready and yeasty. But that's probably not too helpful either. An OK beer.

127: Doom Bar, Sharp's Brewery, 4%
Smells darker, slightly caramelly again. Tastes ever so slightly like toffee, but watered down, and a hint of banana too. Banoffee! Not bitter, a bit weak really in my opinion.

128: Proper Job, St. Austell Brewery, 5.5%
Very very slight smell, difficult to pick anything out. Much more flavoursome to taste, although I struggled to discern individual flavours, there was bitterness, hops and a nice carbonation. Very drinkable and much more character than the other beers of the evening. A clear winner!


  1. I like the way you've described a malty flavour as red, sounds like you might have something called synaesthesia where one sense triggers another (I hear music as colour!) I absolutely hate those clear glass bottles though and the bottled Doom Bar tastes almost of nothing compared to when its served from Cask, in my opinion anyway.

  2. I've heard of synaesthesia before... hadn't thought about it in this case. I'm guessing I associate a flavour from the past with the colour red. I've never tasted any other colours before though...