Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Saltaire Brewery

So, this is the first time since started the ticking challenge that I'm tasting beers on my own. Movie on, snacks on hand, and some beers in the fridge. Watching Body of Lies, just incase anyone was wondering!

The beers of choice for the evening come from Saltaire Brewery. And, unlike my usual deferring to Mr. Ticker to choose, I picked these and I have a list of reasons why.
1. Saltaire is a local brewery, and I like supporting local produce. And Saltaire is pretty (not a really good reason, but that's a small insight into the way my mind works).
2. Whilst I like supporting independent retailers, Saltaire's bottles are available at smaller specialist shops as well as supermarket chains locally. That means they are easy to get hold of, and I'm not so weary of saving for a special occasions (i.e. I won't get into too much trouble with Mr. T. because I can always sneakily replace them without his knowledge... in which case blogging about it probably isn't a good idea.... ).
3. Saltaire beers have always been enjoyable.
4. Saltaire Brewery is the reception venue for our wedding. Which, if that wasn't special enough on it's own, it will also mark the venue for the last day of the challenge.

65: Cascade Pale Ale, Saltaire Brewery, 4.8%

Light bitterness, but still there. Biscuit, says the label, and I have to agree. Lightly carbonated. Subtle/slight Citrus aroma and flavours. A really nice, easy to drink, American style pale ale. Could drink this all night and will certainly be buying this again. Not overtly hoppy, but good nonetheless.

66: Raspberry Blonde, Saltaire Brewery, 4.0%
I've long been a big fan of fruity beer offerings from Liefmans and Lindemans, although haven't had any for a few months. Raspberry blonde is the first fruity one since starting the ticking challenge. It certainly smells raspberry, and sweet. This gave me some initial concerns that now I might find it too sweet or overpowering. I had concerns that now I've become a fan of a greater variety of beers that I would find the ftuirty ones too sweet, or too overpowering. However, whilst it smells sweet, it's doesn't taste overly so. There is still a bitterness there, and malt flavours, and the raspberry is unavoidable, but not too intense. Was very pleased to say I enjoyed it. Must go back and try some of my old favourites and see if my tastebuds have changed...

67: Triple Chocoholic, Saltaire Brewery, 4.8%
Smells mellow, slight sweetness and, of course chocolate. Really warm deep colour. Opaque. Tastes of chocolate, as you would expect, not overpoweringly so. Bitter initially and then disappears. A yum post dinner tipple.

So, ticking alone... a relaxing evening spent with Mr Leonardo DiCaprio and some tasty beers, what more could a girl want?!

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