Sunday, 17 June 2012

Part 2: Changing Tastes?

On Friday night I cracked open a bottle of Frambozenbier, and old favourite, and was pleased to find that, I still enjoyed it. To carry the experiment on further, I bought a couple of bottles from Innis & Gunn, that also have long been favourites of mine.

69: Original Oak Aged Beer, Innis & Gunn, 6.6%
All I will say about this beer is that it did what it said on the tin, toffee, vanilla. Warming, smooth and moreish.

70: Rum Finish Oak Aged Beer, Innis & Gunn, 7.4%
Similar in flavours, but with an addition of boozeyness coming from the rum, perhaps a bit too much so. Nonetheless, it went down very nicely.

Am keeping this post short, because suffice to say, my tastes remain the same, and this I am pleased about. Despite this there is a scepticism in me I just can't shift... perhaps from background buzz from other beer lovers... the use of clear glass bottles maybe. I would be interested to find out if there are any additional additives to this beer, or if the flavours are naturally occurring due to being aged on oak.

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