Saturday, 9 June 2012

Curry and a Pint

This whole blogging and beer thing, makes an evening with friends and family whilst simultaneously making notes for a blog post, challenging to say the least. This has been alright when the evening has been spent with beer lovers and in a beery environment, because they've participated in the dialogue and note taking. When it isn't, however, I have to admit that severaEl blogposts have failed to be written.

Last week, for a birthday night out, I hoped to manage to do both without disengaging from the celebrations.

We went out for a curry, a really pretty good one at Saffron in Guiseley.

56: Cobra, Coors UK, 4.8%
The beer of choice was Cobra. A perfect beer with the curry, not too carbonated and refreshing. Nothing incredible, but suited the celebrations perfectly.

After the curry, birthday boy suggested a foray into Otley to a pub I'd not been in before, The Old Cock. A refurbished old building, very handy and near the bus station. The pub had a really cosy and traditional feel and it had a good choice on the bar, as well as a good bottle list.

57: CCC, WharfeBank Brewery, 5.6%
A beer made to mark their 300th brew, and I think my first ever beer from WharfeBank. A Pale Ale, and a pretty nice one, really quite hoppy, but not hops that stood out as being individual.

58: Chocolate Stout, Brooklyn, 10.6%
Definitely lived up to the name with chocolatey smells and flavours. You could smell the alcohol, is pretty strong. There were flavours of coffee and a smokiness coming through. Bittersweet. The perfect beer to end an evening.

Well, I appear to have managed a blogpost despite putting discussing beer on a back burner for the evening. Good news.

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