Tuesday, 8 May 2012


My first taste of non mass produced beer was a bottle of Brooklyn Lager about three years ago. Little did I know that I was venturing into a whole new world...

Other than the name, and the feeling of being very impressed, the experience has disappeared into the ether that is my memory. When a bottle of Brooklyn never before seen was spied in a fridge of a nearby establishment, it was snapped up quickly.

31: Penant Ale '55, Brooklyn, 5%
To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. Not sure if that was from having built up expectations from that first bottle a few years previous, or if it was because of the bar being raised by recently demolishing a lot of pretty special beers. A strong whiff of alcohol, and amber in appearance. Tasted of amber (this is my vocabulary failing again..!), sweet malty. Fine, but nothing to write home about.

Must make a point of having a Brooklyn Lager soon. Although maybe not, it might spoil the memory.

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