Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wish me luck

So, it appears I have agreed to become a ticker. A beer ticker. A trainspotter, but for beer.

I've drunk beer, enjoyed beer, attended beer festivals AND even helped once to brew beer (well... I made cups of tea and sort of watched...).

But ask me to name 10 breweries and I would struggle. 
Ask me what the difference between an IPA and a Best Bitter, and I have no idea. 
Talk to me about the "mouth feel" and I giggle. 
Talk to me about what hops were used in the brewing process and I blankly smile and nod.

When my other half decided to embark upon a beer ticking challenge, not wanting to be left out, I agreed to go along for the ride.

In an attempt to actually achieve something, we decided to set a target. It is 335 days until we tie the knot. So the challenge. To tick 335 beers before our wedding.

Not a challenge conducive to squeezing into a bridal gown, or to successfully paying for said bridal gown... but nonetheless, one intended to be completed.

Will my attitude to beer change? Will I learn anything? Will I care which types of hops were used to make my pint? Who knows...

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with your new blog, it sounds like an arduous task but I reckon you're up for it! ;)